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Employee spotlight – Yulia Guliaieva

Apr 18, 2023

Meet Yulia Guliaieva, our dedicated and detail-oriented document control specialist at ECOnnect Energy.

Read her spotlight to learn more about her role, values, and interests.

Meet Yulia, one of the newest members of the ECOnnect Energy team. Originally from Ukraine, Yulia has been a valuable member of the team for the past six months, where she serves as the document control specialist for the company's engineering department. Her role is critical in ensuring the company's engineering deliverables are prepared, organized, and filed correctly. She uses document management systems to manage workflow and records, making sure that all technical documents are correctly following procedures in the document flow process.

Yulia’s meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality make her an invaluable member of the ECOnnect Energy team. What she values most about her work is being part of a tight-knit, professional, and results-driven team that consistently excels in every aspect of the business. The company's culture emphasizes collaboration and inclusivity, fostering a positive work environment that motivates Yulia to continue working hard and striving for excellence. As a dedicated member of the dynamic and results-oriented team, Yulia is proud to contribute her skills and expertise towards the company's continued success while also being part of an organization that values and respects diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Outside of work, Yulia’s desired favorite superpower was unique in that she did not identify with any traditional superhero abilities. Rather, she expressed a desire to have the power to influence people's hearts and minds in order to bring about peace in the world. This altruistic goal speaks to her values of creating a better world through individual action and positive change. Yulia's vision of using her abilities to help others is a testament to her dedication to making a positive impact, not only in her work at ECOnnect Energy, but in her personal life as well. She's also a fan of the popular TV series, "Vikings," which tells the story of how the people of Scandinavia are closely related to the Kiev Rus, which is a state centered in today's Ukraine.

During her free time, Yulia finds solace in being close to nature. While Oslo has many beautiful spots, her favorite is Frognerseteren. When it comes to food, Yulia has an inclusive palate and enjoys dishes that feature a mix of meat, fish, and vegetables.

ECOnnect Energy is proud to have Yulia as part of the team. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and team-oriented attitude make her an asset to the company. Her unique personality and diverse interests reflect the company's culture of inclusivity, respect, and excellence.

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May 2, 2023




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