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Quality Policy

At ECOnnect Energy, quality means that all our deliveries shall meet or preferably exceed our customer’s expectations. We are proud of all our products and services, and this is reflected in our responsibility to our customers. All our operations shall reflect our core values: Passion, Innovation, Integrity and Safety.  

1. We Value Teamwork

Our business demands cooperation. We leverage the collective strengths of our team and suppliers to provide the best possible service. It is not merely the individual skills that matter, but the cooperation between creative minds that creates lasting impact.

2. Our Customers are Always in Focus

We will always strive to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. Everyone at ECOnnect Energy has an obligation to understand our customers’ needs and prioritise these needs. Our management framework enables our people at all levels to improve performance to ensure our customers’ needs are met.  

3. We are Stewards of our Environment

A core purpose of ECOnnect Energy is to develop technologies for a cleaner future. We live by this goal every day in all our internal and customer projects. It is central to everything we do. We will always work mindful of environmental policy for climate-positive solutions to energy challenges.  

4. We Take Care of Each Other

We always look after each other and we strive to facilitate the working environment to the best for all employees as well as for individual needs. We embed social responsibility and company ethics policies in our business practices, increasing the motivation and skills for our people to add value to our customers.  

5. We Will Always Strive to Improve and Grow

We shall have continued improvements in all our processes. This includes a critical evaluation of work methods, competence training and skills and the use of new technologies for optimal growth. We are also committed to listening, learning and growing from our mistakes.

“Much of what we call sustainability has deep roots in quality. Quality tools have been used by industry for decades to create lean operations, reduce waste, and improve efficiency. Sustainability grapples with energy efficiency, supply chain metrics, supplier engagement several tiers away, reduced waste, and keeping a strong focus on customer value, which in the quality world can be viewed as old challenges put in a new context and for a new era of increasingly networked and globalized operations.”

BSR Report, CSR and Quality

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